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How to recognize CNC cutting tool code name?

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Cutting tools can be wrote in two units: ISO and ANSI, the main different is the dimension code are difference. In addition, the tool holder also write in different code.




The first letter is represent the shape of insert.

The second letter means the clearance angle:

The third letter means the tolerance, ISO and ANSI has the same, but it also has some different depends on the shape of insert.

The fourth letter means the hole and chipbreaker type. Normally external turning insert, is G type (center hole with double side chipbreaker). the borning insert normally use T (center hole with single face chipbreaker) 

Also the fourth and third letter has be introduced in OKE catalog.

Since the 5 letter, there is  difference between ISO and ANSI name code.

5th letter, ISO stand for cutting edge length, but ANSI inscribed circle radius。 

6th represent for thickness, ISO using mm, ANSI using inch

6th represent for angle of nose, ISO using mm, ANSI using inch.

The last two digital is used to describe chipbreaker, and main cutting edge type。 

In addition, the suffix code means its grade。

Moreoverit has some specially method to represent insert type. Such as:CCGT060201MER-UCCGT060201MFP-GF

M:cutting nose radius negative tolerance

E: cutting edge with chamfer

Fsharp cutting edge

R:right cutting direction

P: high polish surface

U,GF: chip breaker code name

Ceramic insert type

The ceramic insert does annotate chip breaker, but it shows the nose type:


S01525 is the cutting nose type

S:chamfer + grinding eg: 01525  chamfer + grinding 0.15mm X25°

T chamfer eg: T02025  chamfer 0.20mm×25°

PCD insert

    Clearance 0 ; cutting edge 12; 0.4 nose radius, 80 diamond shape; cutting nose chamfer +grinding 0.12mm×25°;small and reinforced standard insert.

Except S,T. Also E: grinding eg: E008r0.08 mm grinding

All PCD insert, it has extended code name to describe the cutting head and cutting edge size. In addition, no cede, SE, ME means the strength of cutting nose is standard, SET, MET means reinforced cutting nose. BB1,BB2,BB3 means tipped head with chipbreaker.

About parting and grooving insert, every brand has its own name and standard. For example, GB43R150 PR930 is a grooving insert, R means right hand, 150 means cutting width is 1.5 mm. PR930 is the grade.

Threading insert:16ER100ISO-TF

16 is the insert size 169.525mm2212.70mm, E is external, I is internal; R right cutting direction, L left cutting direction; 100 means the pitch number,()

ISO means the insert tooth types:ISO, UN, W, BSPT, NPT.

TF standard for cutting edge type. Moreover, TSTS chipbreaker。

M02: 2 teeth chipbreaker. All threading insert mentioned above has wiper.

The threading insert without wiper, part off threading insert:

16 size:063.97084。76116。35169.5252212.70

E is external, I is internal;

R right cutting direction, L left cutting direction;

A60 means(60 means tooth angle 60 degree) 


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